Small and medium-sized ISPs have access to tons of data they could put to good use to improve business decisions. The problem is that most ISPs are manually pulling data into spreadsheets, building custom calculations and then exporting the data into pivot tables for analysis. While this method may have served its purpose previously, it is flawed. It can lead to profit erosion, a decrease in customer retention, and the problems can mount up before you even recognize it.

Business Intelligence (BI) has given corporations and big brands a major boost and competitive advantage for decades. Leveraging their data in real-time has allowed them to closely follow trends that lead to opportunity, spot market gaps, and quickly identify issues that can lead to churn.

Business Intelligence (BI) however, comes with a hefty price tag that most small and medium-sized ISPs cannot justify. Hiring a data analyst, investing in expensive BI software can costs thousands and thousands of dollars each month, which makes the spreadsheets sound…not so bad after all.

The good news is that you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and complicated calculations.

The exciting news is that as a Sonar customer, you will now have Business Intelligence reporting built into your instance so that you too can leverage your data insights, remain competitive, and tap into your ISPs potential.

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