See you at WISP America!

Feb 25, 2016 by Simon Westlake

We'll be at WISP America Mar 15-17, showing off Sonar 0.4 in a very cool way. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it'll be worth stopping by our booth to check out our display!

0.4 will bring our IPAM system, as well as RADIUS, Mikrotik and Procera integration. We'll also have a variety of implementations for DHCP networks - you can even layer all these provisioning items together and use them at the same time if you want to! Best of all, each item is fully IPv4/IPv6 compatible.

Inventory is almost here!

Feb 13, 2016 by Simon Westlake

We're putting the final touches on our 0.3 upgrade, and it's almost in your hands. The biggest change in 0.3 is the full inventory system we've built, but the 0.3 version of Sonar is chock full of other improvements and features - many of them driven by your feedback. Thanks a lot to everyone who's been active on our forum - your input has been invaluable, and I'm sure you'll see some of your requests in the change log.

Sonar version 0.4 is already underway, and will bring a flexible IPv4 and IPv6 IPAM (IP address management) system, as well as a number of options for provisioning. The Sonar provisioning system is already very flexible and configurable, and we're working with a number of different vendors to implement both standards based and proprietary provisioning options.

We're on Github!

Feb 1, 2016 by Simon Westlake

When we started building Sonar, one of our core commitments was that we'd always provide a full API to our customers. We've all experienced the alternative - a software platform that doesn't integrate with the tools you need, or doesn't work with the equipment you buy, or doesn't work the way you want, and you have no way to solve the problem when the vendor tells you that they can't, or won't, build in the features you need.

As part of this commitment, we've started a public Github repository for tools we're building to integrate with the Sonar API. Our first release is the Sonar importer - a tool to make it easier for you to import data from an existing data source into Sonar.

Early access begins!

Dec 10, 2015 by Simon Westlake

We officially began letting people into early access this week, and the feedback has been tremendous. Thanks to everyone who's contributed input to and followed Sonar over the last few months - we're just getting rolling!

If you're still waiting for your early access key, don't fret - spend your time watching the Getting started with Sonar series on our Youtube channel. It'll take you through from your first login to completing your first billing cycle, and everything in between.

Our Partners

Oct 15, 2015 by Simon Westlake

The WISP community is filled with companies providing a wide range of quality services and products and one of the strengths of the community is the spirit of cooperation. I strongly believe that the best platform for any ISP to use is one that integrates with all the products and services that are popular in the community and, based on that belief, I've been working to put into place a number of partnerships that I'm confident will allow us to reach that goal.

I'm pleased to announce our first round of Sonar partners. These are companies you all know and love and we will have many more announcements about partnerships coming in the following weeks and months.

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